2022 Taxes – Important Dates

(Delinquent 2023 > Forfeiture in 2024 > Foreclosure in 2025)

July 1, 2022Summer Bills sent out by Local Government Units for Current Year Taxes
December 1, 2022Winter Bills sent out by Local Government Units for Current Year Taxes.
May 1, 2023, August 1, 2023 & November 1, 2023Delinquent Notices sent out (MCL 211.78b &211.78c)
October 1, 2023$15.00 County Treasurer pre-forfeiture notice fee added to all 2022 delinquent properties. (MCL 211.78d)
November 1, 2023Pre-forfeiture list created for 2022 tax year.
January 2024Certified Notices mailed explaining Forfeiture Date. (MCL 211.78f)
March 1, 2024$175.00 title Search Fee Added, $30.00 Forfeiture Fee Added, $30.00 Redemption Fee Added, .5% Interest Added back to original delinquency date
(6% total), 1.5% March Interest Added (MCL 211.78g)
July 1, 2024$20.00 (estimated) Site and Inspection Fee added to 2022 Forfeited Properties
July/August 2024Property Inspections will be done (MCL 211.8i)
December 2024Publication of remaining parcels in forfeiture (Run 2 Consecutive Weeks) (Must have taxes paid before Nov 17 to keep your name out of the paper) (MCL 211.8i)
December 1, 2024$50.00 (estimated) Notice/Publication fee added to all 2022 Forfeited Properties
January 2025, By AppointmentAdministrative Show Cause Hearings in Ottawa County Treasurers Office, 12220 Fillmore St, Room 155, West Olive, Ml 49460 (MCL 211.78j)
February 2025Anticipated Foreclosure Hearing in Grand Haven Circuit Court, 414 Washington, Grand Haven Ml 49417 (MCL 211.78k)
March 31, 2025 @ 5:00 PMFinal Foreclosure date without right to redeem (Do not accept postmark) (MCL 211.78k(5))
April 1, 2025Fee Simple Title awarded to county
July 1, 2025Notice of Intention to Claim Interest in Foreclosure Sales Proceeds needs to be filed with the Foreclosing Governmental Unit by Certified mail, return receipt requested or by personal service. (MCL 211.781)
August/September 2025Tentative Foreclosure Auction
January 31, 2026Foreclosing Governmental Unit shall send each claimant a Notice to File Motion with the Circuit Court by certified mail, return receipt requested. (MCL 211.781)
February 1 – May 15, 2026Claimant Files a motion with the circuit court that the Judgement of Foreclosure was effective. (MCL 211.781)

Will only accept cash, money orders or cashier checks on parcels that have been forfeited.

Financial Hardship Extension

Hardship Extensions are designed to delay foreclosure deadlines by up to one year for owners who are actively working to pay on their delinquent taxes. It is the objective of the Iosco County Treasurer to assist delinquent taxpayers to fulfill their Real Property Tax obligation and avoid any foreclosure on a taxpayers’ home.

An extension to pay the delinquent tax is only an extension of the deadline. It does not eliminate or lower the taxes due. Interest will continue to accrue on the unpaid balance.

You may apply for this extension at the Show Cause Hearing which is usually held in January for the Foreclosing year at the Iosco County Courthouse or contact the Iosco County Treasurer PRIOR to the hearing to be considered for an extension. After the Show Cause Hearing, the only extensions that will be granted have to be approved by the Attorney General.

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Tax Auctions

Preparing for the Auction
  • Available properties are posted online at www.tax-sale.info as early as June of each year.
  • Create a free account to view details and photos for each property. Enter deed and other contact information online before the auction to cut your wait time in half on auction day.
  • You should thoroughly research and visit property that you plan to bid on before attending the auction.
  • The County Treasurer sells property based on the assessed legal description only. Any personal property or other items not physically attached to the land remain the property of the previous owner and are not included in auction lots.
  • You will not be allowed to bid on parcels located in a county in which you owe outstanding property taxes. Please confirm all property taxes are paid before the auction takes place.
  • Review the full auction rules at www.tax­sale.info/forms/Standard-Rules.pdf
The Auction Process
  • Arrive at the auction approximately 30 minutes before the stated start time to register.
  • Bidders who pre-register online must still check in with the auction clerk but will typically be ready in half the time of those who don’t pre-register.
  • You will be assigned a bidder number and bid card to use during the auction.
  • Auctions take place both live in person and online. You will be bidding against other floor bidders as well as online and absentee bidders throughout the auction.
  • You can bid online from home if you choose. However, we recommend that you attend the auction in person If you are able to avoid technological or other issues.
  • The bidding process is explained by the auctioneer in detail before the sale so don’t arrive late!
  • Once you’re done bidding, you can checkout immediately. There is no need to wait for the auction to conclude.
Payment & What to Expect
  • You must pay for your purchases in full within 30 minutes after the auction ends.
  • No Cash Will be Accepted!
  • If your total purchase is less than $1000 you may pay by Certified Check, Money Order, Personal Check, Visa, MasterCard, or Discover.
  • Credit card payments will be assessed an additional fee.
  • If your total is greater than $1000 you must pay a portion of your total with certified funds (a cashier’s check from your bank). Make check payable to your own name, and submit it with your payment at the auction.
    • $1000 or more, first $1,000 certified
    • $50,000 or more, first $5,000 certified
  • The remaining balance can be paid by any form of payment listed above. Please come prepared with certified funds or your purchase will be cancelled.
  • A 10% buyer’s premium will be added to your total bid for each lot.
  • There is an additional deed recording fee for each lot purchased.
  • The current summer taxes due on each lot purchased will be collected at checkout.
  • Deeds will be delivered after recording within 4 to 6 weeks.