Allowed Items

Inmates are allowed to have eyeglasses, and prescription medicine dropped off. All medications must be in original pill containers. These items will be given upon approval of the medical department and/or the jail administrator. Learn more about Medical Care »

Inmate Money & Personal Property

Upon being lodged in the Iosco County Jail, an inmate’s money will be taken at the time of his/her booking and will be deposited in an Inmate Trust Fund. While a person is incarcerated at the Iosco County Jail, family members and friends may deposit money into the inmate’s trust account for his/her use. Some restrictions may however apply. Personal property of the inmate will be documented and placed into a locked locker assigned to that inmate.


Inmates can order food items and other items from the commissary, provided they have money in their trust fund account. Commissary order arrives on Thursday. NO outside items are permitted in this facility.

Indigent Inmates

Indigent inmates are provided with basic personal hygiene items. New inmates are also provided with these items if they arrive after commissary has been ordered. The cost of Indigent Packs is deducted from their Inmate Trust Fund Account – at $2.21 for each Indigent Pack purchased. The Packs include toothpaste, pencil, 2 stamped envelopes, and 4 blank sheets of paper, deodorant, shampoo, and soap. Prices or contents are subject to change.

Care Packages

Friends and family can order care packs through