24/7, you can post a bond for an inmate in our jail that has local and/or in-state charges, including Friend of the Court bonds. Surety bonds can be posted by licensed Bonding Agents who are authorized by the court or pay with cash. Staff is not able to make change, so please have the exact amount. We also offer credit card services through This can be done at the Iosco County Sheriff’s Office through the lobby kiosk, or remotely, from your home. For information about an inmates bond, you can call the number below and receive the amount of the bond set by the court. There will also be a booking fee of $12.00, required by law that will need to be paid.

If you have any questions about bonding, call (989) 362-6164.

Click here for list of approved bonding agents

Prisoner Reimbursement

Whereas, the provisions of Michigan Public Act 118 of 1984; as amended by Michigan Public Act 212 of 1994, known as the ‘Prisoner Reimbursement to the County Act” (MCL 801.80) permits the county to seek reimbursement of cost incurred to incarcerate an individual in the County of Iosco jail. All sentenced inmates will be charged $20.00 per day while lodged in the Iosco County Jail. Those persons with a legitimate hardship may establish a payment plan with the Iosco County Sheriff’s Office. However, upon default in payment, the entire balance will be forwarded to our collection agency. We offer a 50% reduction from housing debt if paid for within 90 days of release.

Pay Online

Post bond and pay booking fees and other fines and costs.