Separate Tax Limitation Proposal – May 2, 2023 Election

March 29, 2023

What does this mean?

  • Iosco County requested that the County Tax Allocation Board allocate an additional mill to the County
  • This is done through setting the fixed millage
  • 8.75 mills total can be allocated between County, Townships, and ISD by the tax allocation board if they deem appropriate.
    • Currently 5.75 are authorized
    •  4.5 mills to the County
    • 1.0 mill to General Law Townships
    •  .25 mills to the ISD
    • This leaves 3 unallocated mills that could be levied
    • Iosco County requested one additional mill of the 3 available
    • Iosco County’s current 4.5 mills is rolled back to 3.9105 mills
    • State average County operating millage is 5.71
    • Only three counties in Michigan with lower operating millages
      • Otsego 4.3
      • Ottawa 4.44
      • Tuscola 4.2
  • Iosco County requested an additional mill for a total of 5.5 mills
  • If approved in the election, will take effect in 2024
  • County only plans to levy 5.2 mills in the first year
  • The additional .3 mills will be used in future years if needed to offset future headlee rollbacks (state statute that reduces our millage rates when annual growth on a property is greater than inflation)
  • Ballot language is set by statute
  • Only effect on General Law Townships and ISD if it passes is it resets headlee for the first year and future rollbacks are prospective
  • Additional approximately $1.6 million a year at the 5.2 mills
  • Average homestead property of $46,000 would increase yearly property taxes for the County millage by approximately $59 at the 5.2 mills

Planned Uses

  • Operating Millage for the County covers the following:
    • Jail
    • Trial Court
    • Prosecuting Attorney
    • Sheriff
    • Medical Examiner
    • Clerk
    • Treasurer
    • Register of Deeds
    • Equalization
    • Drain Commission
    • Emergency Manager
    • Elections
    • Buildings & Grounds
  • Capital Improvements-currently no mechanism for funding any capital improvements
  • Increase equalization and register of deeds staff
  • Employee wage increases
  • Desperately needed to be competitive and fully staffed
  • Further cuts may be necessary when American Rescue Plan funds are spent

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