Register of Deeds

Hi there! Welcome to our website.

Here’s a little info about us:

The Register of Deeds office was established by the first Constitution of the State of Michigan back in 1835.

We are the office that is responsible for recording and maintaining documents pertaining to all the real estate in our county. Just to name a few: deeds, mortgages, surveys, land contracts, condos, subdivisions. There are many, many more.

Our records date back to 1858! That’s a lot of very important documents to keep safe so they have all been digitized to ensure their security. We are steadily creating indexes to the older documents so that they are searchable on our website. We are currently indexed back to the early 1970’s. Documents recorded prior to then can be searched for in our office. You are welcome to come in and search our records or have a title company perform a title search for you.

We do not have forms. We are not attorneys. We suggest you consult with one for any legal advice and for document preparation.

Thanks for stopping by! Feel free to roam around our website to learn more about us.

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Register of Deeds Document Search

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