Courtroom Rules and Attire

Courthouse Security
Weapons are not allowed in the courtroom. If reasonable suspicion exists, anyone entering the courtroom may be screened by the Iosco County Sheriff Department or the court bailiff, and their possessions searched for weapons of any kind. 

Courtroom Etiquette
As a rule, all cellular phones and pagers must be turned off before entering the courtroom. Food and beverages are absolutely not allowed in the courtroom. Those entering the courtroom are also advised to refrain from talking and chewing gum.

Attire in the Courtroom
All those attending a session of court, including litigants and witnesses, shall be appropriately attired. Proper attire for gentlemen can include a button-up shirt, sweater, slacks, shoes and stockings. Proper attire for women can include a dress, blouse, sweater, skirt, slacks, suit and shoes. No bare feet, bare midriff or shorts are allowed in the courtroom.