Do I have to get the court's permission to move more than 100 miles from my current home if I only have parenting time with my child?

How old does a child/ren have to be before they can decide where to live?

Does the Friend of the Court have a responsibility to investigate alleged abuse and /or neglect of a child?

Will the Friend of the Court help find a missing parent?

What happens to my child support order if my minor child is adopted, married, or enters the military service?

May I see my child's school, medical, and other records if my child lives with the other parent?

Can the Friend of the Court enforce property settlement provisions in my judgment of divorce?

Why won't the Friend of the Court enforce a verbal or notarized agreement?

How do I get the court's approval to change the children's residence to a place not allowed by my current order?

Does the Friend of the Court have the right to deduct statutory service fees from a child support payment?

The payor of support is self-employed and not making his/her support payments. What can the Friend of the Court do?

Will the court modify the support order if the payer is in jail or prison?

Will the Friend of the Court make sure that child support money is spent on the children?

If I am receiving TANF or DHS (Department of Human Services) assistance, may I also receive child support?

My court order says to pay support through the Friend of the Court or the MiSDU (Michigan State Disbursement Unit). May I pay the other parent directly?

The other parent is not paying child support as ordered. What can I do?

May I receive child support after my child reaches age 18?

How do I get support?

I have a parenting time order and my teenage child does not want to come for parenting time. What can I do?

I am concerned about the other parent discussing changes in the court order with the children. What can the Friend of the Court do?

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Are there different kinds of custody?

Do I need to have an attorney to get custody?

How do I change an existing order for custody?

How do I get an order for custody?

Do I have to let my children go for parenting time if it appears that the other parent has been drinking or using drugs?

The other party is not sending or returning clothing or other personal items for our child. Is there anything the Friend of the Court can do?