Employment in Iosco County

Iosco County has a very diverse economic base consisting of agriculture, manufacturing, retail, service industry, governmental, educational and tourism economics. Since the closing and conversion of Wurtsmith Air Force Base to both private and public uses, the county’s economy has benefited. Data released by the Oscoda Township Office for Economic Adjustment, (OEA) current to October 1, 1995, indicates that there were 559 private industry positions, 68 educational positions and 140 governmental positions created, for a total of 767. The OEA has also established an active marketing program to continue attracting industries and creating sector employment.

According to the Iosco County Building Department, a total of 635 permits were issued in 1994 with a value of $17,903,341.00. Of these, 130 were new home starts and the remainder were for commercial, industrial, building additions, garages, et cetera. Through October of 1995, a total of 647 permits had been issued with a value of $17,759,209.

Tourism provides a major source of area employment opportunity. The tourism season is most active from May (Memorial Day) to September (Labor Day). However, hunting, fishing and winter recreation activities have steadily increased in Iosco County, which is consistent with trends throughout the Northern Lower Peninsula.

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Job Opportunities

For local job listings, check out the Michigan Talent Bank at MiTalent.org