Zoom Instructions


You are to join the virtual court room proceeding with the Probate and Family Court on the date and time previously noticed. Directions for joining the call can be found below. If you are unable to appear you must contact your attorney or if not represented by counsel, you must contact the Probate/Family Court immediately to alert them of the issue.


Technical Responsibilities

The following is a reminder of your responsibilities and court policies in preparation for the call.

  • The court does not provide technical assistance for testing or troubleshooting. Additionally, the court does not provide time during court proceedings to troubleshoot issues.
  • Directions for testing your device and networking prior to the proceeding can be found at https://support.zoom.us/hc/en-us/articles/201362313-Testing-your-video
  • Remote Participants should take time prior to the call to become familiar with the Zoom controls and test your devices mic and speaker controls.
  • If you are having technical issues with your equipment you should review Zoom training and support materials at Zoom.us.
  • Remote participants should use a good LAN, Wi-Fi, or substantial LTE connection to ensure a quality call. (Note: Mobile data use may incur cellular carrier charges which are the responsibility of the remote participant.)


Local Court Policy

  • The call is a court proceeding and therefore an extension of the court room and appropriate conduct and attire is required.
  • Remote Participants must use a private and quiet room that will be free of interruptions. (Outdoor, car, or public places are not permitted.) Also, video meetings need good, consistent lighting so avoid rooms with bright windows and / or back-lighting.
  • Remote Participants must place their mobile devices on a solid surface with the camera at eye level. Do not hand­hold mobile devices and do not lay phones or tablets flat on a desk or tabletop!
  • The court has the right to terminate the call / proceeding if the video experience is not acceptable.
  • The judge has power over the proceeding and participants as if they were present in the physical court room.

Connecting to the Virtual Court Room at the time of the proceeding:

Polycom Systems (Court Rooms, Jails, etc.):

Dial (This is the Zoom Meeting ID)

Windows Desktop PCs and Laptops:

Go to the Zoom Web Site (zoom.us). Click on “Join a Call”. Join using Meeting ID 6778257853

Apple and Android Tablets or Phones:

Install the Zoom App from the Apple or Android Store prior to the call. Launch the Zoom app at the time of the call and join using Meeting ID 6778257853

Phone Call Only:

Call 646-876-9923 or 669-900-6833 and join using Meeting ID 6778257853

Be sure to:

  • be in a quiet place
  • remain seated
  • sign in on your device with your legal name
  • be on time
  • dress appropriately