Jury Information

Jurors are an essential part of the American Judicial System. Most people who serve on jury duty find it to be worthwhile and extremely helpful in understanding how the legal system works. Without jurors, the jury system cannot work. We know that jury service means rearranging schedules, canceling appointments and, oftentimes, missing work. Your public service as a juror protects our right as Americans to have a trial by an impartial jury of our peers. Should you be called to serve as a juror in Iosco County, we will make every effort to make your experience valuable and to cause you the least inconvenience possible.

Jury Information Line

The following phone number will give you the most up-to-date information regarding your jury service. Please call 989-984-1014 after 5:00 p.m. the evening before your report dates.

Frequently Asked Questions

How was I selected to serve as a juror?
You were randomly selected by the Michigan Secretary of State via computer from an index of all Iosco County residents over 18 year of age currently holding a Michigan Drivers License or a Michigan Personal Identification card.
Who is exempt from jury service?

You are exempt if:

  1. You are not a United States Citizen
  2. You do not speak or understand English
  3. You are over 70 years old and wish to claim that exemption
  4. You have served as a juror during the past 12 months
  5. You have been convicted of a felony
Am I required by law to fill out the qualifying jury questionnaire?
You are required by state law to fill out the qualifying questionnaire and return it to the county clerk for filing no later then ten (10) days from the date you receive it. Persons who do not respond to the questionnaire may be requested to appear before the Circuit Judge to explain why the questionnaire was not completed and returned. Failure to report for jury duty may result in a Show Cause Hearing being scheduled by the court.
The questionnaire is addressed to my son/daughter who is away at college/military. What should I do?
Again, by law, the questionnaire must be returned. You have two options; forward the questionnaire to him/her and have them return it within ten (10) days, or you can fill out the questionnaire for him/her indicating their situation, sign your name indicating that you are the parent or legal representative and return the questionnaire within the 10 days. If they have permanently moved and changed their address on their driver’s license and declared residency in another county or state, please indicate and return the form.
I received a questionnaire, but no longer live in Iosco County. What should I do?
By law, you must still return the questionnaire. We request that you indicate your new address and return the questionnaire within ten (10) days.
Can I be excused from jury duty?
To be considered for excuse from jury duty, you must submit a letter to the Circuit Judge with your reason to be excused or deferred to a different time. If you request to be excused because of medical reasons, please attach a note from your physician. Failure to appear for jury duty without proper excuse may result in contempt of court.