23rd Circuit Court

The 23rd Circuit Court has jurisdiction over all civil cases involving more than $25,000, all criminal cases where the offense is a felony or serious misdemeanor, all domestic relations cases, all child abuse, neglect and delinquency cases and other case types.

81st District Court

The 81st District Court handles traffic violations, landlord-tenant matters, misdemeanor criminal cases, preliminary hearings for felony criminal cases, Small Claims Court cases, fee waiver requests, and civil cases with claims up to $25,000.

Friend of the Court

The Friend of the Court (FOC) is a statutorily created agency of the Circuit Court that assists the court with its domestic relations docket. The FOC assists the court by helping resolve domestic relations disputes, and enforcing the court’s orders for custody, parenting time, and support.

Probate & Family Court

The Family Division, a division of the Circuit Court, has jurisdiction over all family matters such as divorce, custody, juvenile proceedings, neglect/abuse proceedings, and personal protection proceedings. The Probate Court has jurisdiction and supervision of any matters involving decedent estates.