County Clerk’s Duties

The County Clerk is a Constitutional officer who is elected for a four year term and has the following duties:

  • The County Clerk is responsible for keeping records of births, deaths, assumed names, co-partnerships, issuing and filing marriage licenses, gun permits, notary bonds and processing passports.

  • The County Clerk is the clerk of the 23rd Circuit Court. All documents pertaining to Circuit Court and Family Court are filed with the County Clerk. The County Clerk is the keeper of the Circuit Court Seal: The official seal is used to certify some 275 different documents or papers.

  • The County Clerk is the Clerk of the Iosco County Board of Commissioners and as such must maintain a record of all the Board’s actions.

  • The Clerk administers all Election functions required by law, in addition to training all elections workers within Iosco County. The Clerk serves as the Chairperson of the Elections Scheduling Committee and is a member of the Elections Commission.

  • The Clerk also is a member of the Plat Board, Building Authority, Clerk of the Board of Canvassers, and Jury Commission.

  • The Clerk is responsible for the accounts payable for Iosco County. All checks are prepared by the Clerk to pay County bills. All expenditure records are maintained by the County Clerk for all County departments.

  • The Clerk provides periodic budget reports to the Board of Commissioners. The Clerk assists in developing and monitoring the annual budget and prepares the County’s books for auditing.

  • The County Clerk maintains personnel files on all County employees and is responsible for the payroll, health and life insurance, workman’s compensation, unemployment and liability insurance. All W-2’s and 1099’s are issued by the Clerk.