Planning Commission

The Iosco County Planning Commission provides community leadership on local planning and development policy throughout Iosco County.

The Iosco County Planning Commission:

  • is responsible for the maintenance of the Iosco County Master Plan
  • coordinates the zoning and planning activities of Iosco County’s townships and cities
  • represents Iosco County regionally relative to zoning and planning concerns
  • serves as an advisory board to the Iosco County Board of Commissioners relative to planning and internet concerns

Master Plan

2013 Iosco County Master Plan

Planning Commission Members

Karen Rogalski
term expires 12/31/23
Scott Wesley
term expires 12/31/24
Robert Tasior
term expires 12/31/25
Joseph Pererra
Whittemore-Prescott Area Schools Superintendent
term expires 12/31/25