Off Road Vehicles (ORV)

The Iosco County Board of Commissioners adopted an ordinance for the purpose of authorizing and regulating the operation of Off Road Vehicles (ORVs) on roads in Iosco County, effective January 7, 2009.

ORDINANCE No. 1-2009 specifies what conditions must be met in order to operate an ORV on county roads and streets. Please review the ordinance in its entirety prior to operating an ORV on county roads. Generally, an ORV may be operated on a county road or street under the following conditions:

  • at a speed of no more than 25 miles per hour or the posted ORV speed limit
  • by a person not less than 12 years of age (anyone under 16 years of age must be under the direct visual supervision of an adult and the child must have in his or her immediate possession a Michigan-issued ORV safety certificate)
  • with the flow of traffic, and in a manner which does not interfere with traffic on the road
  • traveling single file except when overtaking and passing another ORV
  • when visibility is not substantially reduced due to weather conditions, unless
  • displaying a lighted headlight and lighted taillight
  • 1/2 hour before sunrise until 1/2 after sunset, unless displaying a lighted
  • headlight and lighted taillight
  • while displaying a lighted headlight and lighted taillight at all hours beginning January 1, 2010
  • and under the additional conditions outlined in the ordinance

Under the ordinance, an ORV may not be operated on the road surface, roadway, shoulder or right-of-way of any state or federal highway in the county. Any person who violates ORDINANCE No. 1-2009 is guilty of a municipal civil infraction and may be ordered to pay a civil fine of up to $500.

For the list of roads in Iosco County that are open to ORV traffic, please review the ORV Open/Closed Roads list.