ORV Ordinance

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Recreation Plan

The Recreation Plan serves as a guideline to improve recreation facilities and develop new recreational opportunities.

Parks Commission Members

Benjamin Brewer/Cal McLaren
Road Commissioner
Fred Strauer
Drain Commissioner
Planning Commission
James Miner
District 4 Commissioner
Gary Blaser, Chairman
National City resident
term expires 12/31/22
Robert Leslie
Whittemore resident
term expires 12/31/22
Susan Flora
East Tawas resident
term expires 12/31/22
James McArdle
Tawas resident
term expires 12/31/22
Jerry Smith
East Tawas resident
term expires 12/31/22
Jane Hayward
Oscoda resident
term expires 12/31/22
Cheryl McDonell, Secretary
Hale resident
term expires 1/1/25

Statute reads: Includes Chairman of County Planning Commission, Drain Commissioner, and Chairman of Road Commission. Consists of 10 members, including Chairman of Road Commission, County Drain Commissioner, Chairman of Planning Commission, and 7 members appointed by the Board of Commissioners for 3-year staggered terms, at least 1 or not more than 3 of whom shall be members of the Board of Commissioners.


Accomplished Projects:
  • Tawas Point: Boat Ramp
  • Plainfield Township: Walking Path
  • Oscoda Township: Maintenance of Groomer Barn
Currently Working On:
  • Iosco County: Parks Improvements
  • Updating the Iosco County Parks and Recreation 5-Year Master Plan

Community Grant Application

The Iosco County Community Grant Program was established by the Iosco County Parks and Recreation Commission to assist local units of government and other organizations eligible by State Statute in improving their community parks and recreation opportunities. Apply for the grant online.