American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA)

Featured Project: Recycling Initiative

Iosco County through collaboration with NEMCOG has received a materials management county engagement grant. Through this grant and the use of American Rescue Plan funds, the County is working with RRS consultants on a plan for materials management which includes...

Featured Project: Broadband Expansion

Iosco County is proud to have partnered with Develop Iosco Inc. to work to bring broadband expansion to the unserved and underserved areas within Iosco County. Our Controller, Jamie Carruthers-Soboleski, is co-chair along with Gloria Brooks from Develop Iosco Inc. of...

ARPA Advisory Committee Members

Donald J. O’Farrell Chairman
Board of Commissioners – District 5

Nancy Huebel
Iosco County Clerk/Co-Administrator

Kathleen Murphy
Board of Commissioners Secretary

Cathy Anderson
Iosco County Treasurer

Charlie Finley
Commissioner – District 3

Juli Montgomery
IT Director

Mike Eller
911 Director

Scott Frank
Iosco County Sheriff

Mike Bowers
Emergency Management Coordinator

Jamie Carruthers Soboleski
Iosco County Controller/Finance Director